The Field trip in Philippines of the Project members

Here, we met Dr. Ruth at the Central building of University of Santo Tomas.

The aim of this trip was:

                + To share experience with Phillipines partners in conducting researches in modelling dengue diseases and practical knowledge in dengue and zika prevention and control at local levels.

                     + To conduct a field survey of dengue diseases at community levels around the Central Luzon region.

Dr. Nga presented a modelling of dengue cases in relation to climate variables and Dr. Duoc shared experiences in prevention of dengue and zika virus at Faculty of Medicine.


At one of field survey locations, we asked local nurses, officers and other staffs about the situation of dengue and zika prevalence in the community, outbreak, prevention and control measures, their difficulty in dealing with dengue and zika diseases, kind of supports from Government and Community to reduce the diseases. Numbers of diseases at all locations will supplement our disease database in more details.